Soooo… what is this place?

Hi. Ruby and Roxanne is my chronicle of healthy foods that taste GOOD. This site has 3 core focuses: food. fitness. FLAVOR. (duh.)

By day I work as a web designer. Since I’m also a bit ADD, I often find myself browsing (wandering) the Internet intermittently between work, while on the phone on hold, etcetra. Oftentimes this lands me on a food blog. And what I’ve found is that there seem to be two types of food blogs in the world: those that feature delicious, horrifically unhealthy recipes, and those that feature healthy recipes that taste terrible. And, alot of people seem to really believe that if something is in any way sort or form “healthy” (gasp!) it must taste like garbage. Well, quite frankly this pisses me off. It’s simply not true.

I love food as much as the next person. (and I also like being able to fit into my skinny jeans.) Food that tastes good, not just bizaare off-the-wall ‘health foods’ made with crazy ingredients that no average human possibly has on-hand, can afford to buy or actually wants to taste or eat. I like casseroles, stews, cookies, PIZZA, and everything in between. Thru countless hours of trial, error, tweaking, creating, concocting, and all-out kitchen conundrums, I’ve discovered and created many brand-new tasty but healthy foods; and found ways to put a healthy spin on many of my favorites – (like cheeseburgers!) without impacting flavor. Eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bad, and eatin’ good doesn’t have to be bad for you – and this site is where I prove it. Hungry?

Soooo. What I’m saying is, if you’re looking for a recipe for the ooo-iest, goo-iest, sugar-packed cookie recipe, leave now: this is simply not the site for you. Farewell my friend. IF however, you’d like a recipe for an ooey, gooey, yummy cookie that tastes just about the damn same and one which you can feel good about eating and making for yourself and your loved ones: congratulations, you’ve made it to the right spot! See? Food, fitness, flavor. Healthy food that tastes GOOD. Zero bullshit. Just like I said.

I’m very creative. I can’t draw to save my life, but I am artistic in other ways. I’ve wanted for a very long time to start a food blog because I realized it combines many of my passions: writing, cooking, health, fitness, web design, and photography, all into one amazing and perfect conglomerate. I also love puzzles, and creating things, and this is part of what I love about cooking. I supremely enjoy the challenge of taking a recipe for a food I love, and stirring things up a bit to make it healthier. I’m a rebel. I rarely follow recipes precisely, sometimes not even my own, and the results are beautiful, and delicious!! More than once I’ve found myself in a situation when a friend or relative scarfs down something I make them and asks me “what is this? what’s in it? ..can I have more? It’s reallllly good, can I have the recipe?!” and I stare blankly at the wall… realizing I don’t know what’s in it, exactly, because lots of times I make something entirely new by concocting, and I’m not even sure if I can make it exactly the same again since there is no recipe. Well crap. I suppose from now on, I’ll jot down what I’m doing on a notebook; and post my yummiest recipes here to share with my friends, my family, and the world. Because the idea that some people do not eat healthy, or even attempt to, because they like food, and think healthy food tastes terrible and will make them miserable, well that’s just all sorts of wrong, and makes me very sad. I hope that visitors to this blog enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed building it, writing it, and cooking and eating all of the recipes found in it. 😉